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Taco Seasoning Sampler Siete Pack

Taco Seasoning Sampler Siete Pack

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Our new Al Pastor Seasoning joins our three existing Taco Seasonings—Mild,Spicy and Carnitas —and brings restaurant quality taste and aromas straight to your kitchen. It’s delicious, non GMO, and perfect for all your Taco Tuesdays (and your taco nights every other day of the week!). And our Beef Fajita, Chicken Fajita, and Lemon Pepper Seasonings make up our new line of Fajita Seasonings. Think: backyard carne asadas, smoky aromas, and proteins fired up on the grill—now available to you in your very own comal or skillet. (We can hear the sizzle now…)

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All orders come with 1 of each seasoning

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